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Our Pioneers

Back in 1850, bold was heading west, following the whispered promise of a better life and the hazy prospects of finding gold in California.  Today, while the landscape has changed, the motivations remain the same.  It's a drive and spirit you can see in every early riser, every night owl, working tirelessly to reach their goals.  That's who we fuel.


In 1850, James A. Folger began blazing our trail during the California Gold Rush in San Francisco.  Forged by time, toil and a relentless commitment to quality, his coffee set a bold new standard that fueled the spirit of his era.


Our name has become synonymous with coffee for generations of Americans, waking up to its unmistakably enticing aroma.  Since the beginnings of "cup-testing", The Folger Coffee Company has been innovating and pushing the standards for how families enjoy coffee for years.  But one thing hasn't changed:  our time-honored tradition of making a bold, smooth, and flavorful roast that awakens the senses and emboldens the spirit.

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