How to Make French Press Coffee


For those who like to avoid coffee filters or who simply prefer the taste of steeped coffee, french press coffee is a great option. It only takes a few minutes and doesn't require a big investment in equipment. Here's how to use a french press at home. 


What You’ll Need: Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon, 6 Tablespoons Ground Coffee, 3½ Cups Distilled or Filtered Water, Hot Water Kettle, Thermometer, French Press Coffee Maker 

Brew Time: 7 Minutes 


Add 6 tablespoons of 1850® coffee grounds to your French press coffee maker. Separately, heat 3½ cups of water to about 185°F. 


Slowly add 1½ cups of the hot water to your French press coffee maker, wetting all the grounds. Let them sit for one minute to bloom. Then gently stir. 


Slowly add more water (about another 2 cups) until the waterline is level with the silver rim. Put the lid in place, but don’t press down. Wait 6 minutes. 


Slowly press the plunger down until it’s fully depressed. Then serve and enjoy.  

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