How to Make Single Serve Espresso & Coffee at Home


Whether you want an easy way to enjoy espresso or you just bought a Keurig® coffee maker and aren’t sure how to use it, the good news is, it’s easy. Read on to learn how to make espresso coffee with capsules, which is also how to use a Keurig coffee maker. 


What You’ll Need: A Single Serve Coffee Maker (Such as an Espresso Pod Coffee Maker or Keurig Coffee Maker), 1850® Espresso Capsule or K-Cup® Pod, Cold Distilled or Filtered Water 

1. PREP 

Before you use your single serve coffee maker for the first time, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and preparing it. 


Even if you’ve used your single serve coffee maker before, make sure it has plenty of fresh, distilled or filtered water in the reservoir. 


Get out your 1850 espresso capsule or K-Cup® pod of choice. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to open the lid and place it in the machine. Then close the lid. 

4. BREW 

Place a mug under the spout, and push your brew button of choice, depending on your preferred size and strength. Within seconds, your coffee will be ready to enjoy. 

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